Chakra Balance and Breathing Retreat in Thailand

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6th August – 13th August

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Chakra Balancing And Breathing Principles

Given the environment we live in, there has been a rise in the occurrence of diseases. It’s not just the diseases that affect us physically; mental health has also been going downhill. With such a spike in health issues, there has been a demand for alternative methods of healing. Yogis have, for long focused on applying the traditions and teachings of yoga to heal the body, mind, and soul.


Take advantage of Chakra Balancing Retreat

When you enroll yourself in our chakra balancing retreat in Thailand, there is a lot that you stand to gain. At this chakra balancing retreat, you will gain thorough knowledge which you need in understanding the energy makeup of your body. It will help you experience and influence the energy that lives within you in a better manner. As you practice more and more, over time, you may also be able to help others in applying these tools for healing.

Rejuvinate Yourself at our chakra balancing retreat

Have you been feeling a little off lately? With our constant indulgence in chasing worldly affairs, the energy within us takes a downward path. According to yogic beliefs, it is a result of an imbalance in your chakras. At this retreat in Thailand, we impart all the theoretical and practical knowledge about cleaning and healing your chakras. This chakra balancing retreat covers areas like tools that aid in increasing the prana flow through nadis. At this chakra balancing retreat, there will also be practical sessions on increasing your healing power. This chakra balancing retreat will help you gain an understanding of western as well as yogic anatomy along with the fundamental principles governing yoga, common diseases and much more.

A Combination of Chakra balancing and Mediation Retreat

There is always a constant exchange of energy between our two layers – the body and the soul. Yogis have studied how to use your breath as a medium that will bring about balance in your chakra. It will steady the fluctuations in your mind. The workshop begins with a focus on your breath work and then it is followed by a thorough session of chakra balancing.

Balance Your Chakras through Meditation Retreat

Your breath is the entity that bridges your body with your soul. When you learn the correct way to breathe, you can heal both your body as well as your soul. That is the exact purpose of this retreat in Thailand. At this meditation retreat, you will discover the secret of deep breathing during your retreat in Thailand. Our expert yoga masters will teach you about:

  • Sacred Breathing
  • Understanding the right technique of breathing
  • How to release built up stress
  • Dial down depression, worries, and anxiety
  • Inculcating the feelings of joy, awareness, and peace
  • Improving your physiology
  • Growing spiritually

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Course Dates

6th August – 13th August

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