Sammasati Retreat’s Yoga Teachers

Sammasati Retreat has a team of Indian and International Yoga teachers who are rooted in their Yoga and Meditation practices. Teachers are registered with Yoga Alliance and have necessary skills and nurturing nature to share their wisdom with the world.

Yogi Abhay (E-RYT 500, Director and Guest Yoga Teacher) 

Yogi Abhay has chosen his individual path of Yoga and Meditation following his heart. He dived deeply into Yoga and meditation and shares his wisdom with his meditative presence. Every Yoga teacher training or any retreat becomes very fantastic and enjoyable to him and participants. His inspiring teachings and presence creates a better understanding for participants and helps them to grow on the path of Yoga and meditation.

He Graduated his Yoga Teacher Training at Kaivalyadham, Lonavala in 2004 and since 2006 he has been teaching Yoga and Meditation in India and Thailand. He shared his wisdom in more than 50 Yoga teacher training till 2017. Many of his students are successful Yoga Teachers, and some of them opened their Yoga centers in various countries.

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Megha – M.A. and P.G. Diploma in Yoga. Yoga Teacher

Megha is coming from Rishikesh, the Yoga capital of the world and fortunate to learn Yoga from the original place of Yoga in India. She is a motivated yoga teacher with advanced training in yoga, specializing in Hatha Yoga, Yoga philosophy, Shatkarma. Megha has done MA and Pg diploma in yoga. Every class she filled with love, passion, and respect. She likes to push her students to improve their practice.
With over four years experience of teaching yoga and teacher training in India and China, she has an excellent practical knowledge of teaching.

Dr. Vikasji Kansal – E – RYT 200 Yoga Philosophy, anatomy and asana teacher

Vikasji Kansal is an accomplished Yogacharya and health Consultant with over 22 years of robust cross-functional experience in training and mentoring in the field of Yoga. He has experience teaching of various Yoga styles such as Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Reiki Healing, and Ayurveda. As a health Consultant and Yoga Teacher, he helped many people for their wellbeing. According to Acharya Vikasji, Yoga is not such kind of workout which one can do just one hour a day, but it’s a lifestyle that can be part of daily routine work. The basic principles, proper postures, alignment of asanas, proper breathing, and diet, one can transform the entire lifestyle.

Yogini Manisha (E-RYT 500 Guest Yoga Teacher)

Manisha started practicing Yoga in 2011. For next years she completed 200 Hr Yoga teacher training Goa India at Oceanic Yoga and began teaching Yoga in teacher training and retreats. Since 2014 she shares her teaching in Thailand for two months a year then for six months in India. She has mastery in Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, making proper adjustments in asanas. Her light-hearted and playful personality infuses her classes with love and joy. Her lessons are energetic and vibrant, filled with laughter and tranquility. Manisha is widely famous among her students who continue to return to train with her.

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Neil – E – RYT 500 Yoga and Anatomy Teacher

Neil is a certified RYT500 Multi-Style Yoga teacher currently focused on teaching anatomy at teacher training around the globe. He has been practicing, studying and teaching alignment based Therapeutic Yoga, Ashtanga and Hatha classes for the last five years.  Neil’s passion for Yoga began almost twenty years ago as it helped him restore his body after numerous injuries in a life filled with competitive sport.  He has an intense interest in the human body and it’s systems as well as Yoga’s effects on activating internal energies using breath, mudras, and meditation that keep him constantly learning.  As a therapist Neil uses the science of asana help bring remarkable results in posture correction, improved balance, injury recovery and pain relief.  Neil’s classes are filled with positive energy, inspiring students to approach asana from an anatomical as well as an energetic awareness.

In addition to being a Yoga Teacher, Neil practices healing on an energetic level as a Reiki Master, Thai Massage Therapist and Chakra Healer. 

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Lizet – E – RYT 200 Yoga and Anatomy Teacher

Lizet’s first Yoga class was a sense of Deja vu. For three years she spent exploring Ashtanga, Kundalini, Iyengar yoga and Pranayama techniques. Lizet completed 200 Hr Yoga teacher training with Paul Dallaghan in Thailand in 2014. Since then she started sharing her lessons learned along the way with an open and playful heart.

Participating in several vipassana meditation retreats helped her to be more aware of the body while practicing asanas. Occasionally she enjoys acro Yoga with fellow Yogis and Yoginis.