Bhakti Yoga

There are many paths of Yoga and Bhakti Yoga is one path to attain divinity. Bhakti Yoga is a path of devotion! For some people, it is easier to pray than meditate. People of Bhakti Yoga are more heart-oriented than another path of Yoga, singing and dancing come naturally to them. In India, great Bhaktas happened, list of few of them.
Chaitanya Prabhu
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
Sant Tukaram
Sant Eknath
Sant Rohidas
Gora Kumbhar
Jalludin Rumi
And thousands more..

Baul Mystics are also known as Bhaktas; they sing beautiful songs and dance madly.

The Bauls say,
Scanning the cosmos
you waste your hours.
He is present
in this little vessel.
In this little body
He has made His abode.
He is here
in this little vessel;
in you.
He is there,
the God of Gods,
the King of Kings,
the Beloved.

The Nine Limbs of Devotion
When carrying out Bhakti Yoga individually or together, there are eight limbs of devotion. Each one creates a particular bhava or feeling.

⦁ Shravana: This refers to listening to the earliest scriptures.
⦁ Kirtana: Mostly Kirtana is practiced in a group singing devotional poems, mantras.
⦁ Smarana: This indicates remembering the God.
⦁ Padasevana: This is the service of the feet, statue worship is ritual in the temples.
⦁ Archana: Archana is a process of a ceremony, worshiping the god or guru.
⦁ Vandana: This is the prostration, touching the feet of Guru or God.
⦁ Dasya: Dasya means becoming a God’s servant. God or guru is a master and devotee surrenders himself/herself to guru or god.
⦁ Sakhya: Sakhya represents the “friendship” and the association.
⦁ Atmanivedana: Demonstrating the “self-offering,” Atmanivedana is the complete submission of the self to the God.