Enveloped with the ring of mountains, Chiang Mai is a peaceful city in Thailand, free from whirlwind life. Despite massive traffic of sightseers and planes, the city is still known for its calmness and beauty. This former capital of Lanna Kingdom is a place to soothe your mind, enjoy delicious cuisines and leisurely wandering. It’s fun to wander in the backstreet, and know about the city which is still purely Thai in its atmosphere. Chiang Mai has the rich ancient history of 700 years, and it is a place which has a lot of exciting things for tourists.

Situated at 700 km from North of Bangkok, Chiang Mai is on the bank of River Ping. The city founded in the year 1296 was the capital of Lanna Kingdom. Today is has turned up as a perfect melange of past and present, where modern buildings are standing with ancient temples.

The city has gained popularity because of overseas travelers, as it is a preferred location for many. In the last 25 years, this place has been witnessing tremendous tourists who have transformed it into traveler’s paradise. Superhighways ring this picturesque modern city, but if you drive straight on these roads, you will find lush green scenery of Northern Thailand. A short motorcycle ride will give you rainforest reserves, sparkling hot springs, churning waterfalls, and beautiful country villages. Tourists can also enjoy elephant sanctuaries, adventurous camps, and local markets. This city is now filled with modern Thai residences with tourists’ hotels, but despite this, it is more like a calm and soothing countryside rather than a bustling capital.

Tour this ancient city for historical temples, nature trekking, elephant riding, and scenic view of hill tribe village. Chiang Mai is famous for its distinctive culture, traditions, and festivals along with an impressive blend of local and ethnic communities from the whole world. In fact, this city is rated as one of the top destinations in Asia which have a glimpse of the cosmopolitan and modern trend but still maintains its traditional fascination. The city has more than 300 temples which are present there from the 13th century. Ride on the road of Chiang Mai and find artistic beauties like museums, waterfalls, mountain, national parks, ancient ruins and so on.

Chiang Mai is also known for the plethora of spacious and peaceful yoga places. These calm and rustic yoga training centers are located in the lush green environment where tourists can enjoy their yoga vacations. These Yoga Teacher Training Courses welcome beginners as well as advance practitioners. You can participate in Yoga TTC if you want to make a career as a yoga teacher or simply want to deepen your Yoga practice.

Chiang Mai has something for everyone. Whether you are a nature lover, yoga lover, sports person, culture devotee or just want to spend some time in a luxurious spa; this city welcomes all. Plan your vacations in this town for making unforgettable memories.