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What is Reiki?
Reiki is a Japanese word for vital energy in the universe. In Chinese, they call it chi. In Yoga and Ayurveda vital energy is called Prana. It is healing force permeates the world. In every atom there is energy. Reiki is a gentle healing therapy used for self-healing or people. Every human is capable of practicing Reiki.

Benefits of Reiki
1. Reiki Balances the energy
2. Reiki is used as a alternative healing method
3. Reiki can reduce the stress
4. Reiki is used to heal the body, mind and heart
5. Reiki can practiced as a meditation.
6. Reiki makes you more open, sensitive, loving and compassionate.
7. Reiki helps to let go and builds the trust in you and in the existence,

History of Reiki
On an earth healing energy has been used since humanity existed. Ancient and modern mystics, yogis, masters used Reiki for world’s peace and healing people, animals, and the planet. They radiate the healing energy with their strong presence.
Dr. Mikao from Japan used to meditate on Mount Kurama. After a 21-day meditation retreat, while standing under a waterfall, he had a satori – a sudden taste of enlightenment. He experienced the energy on his crown chakra. He rediscovered healing energy and named it Reiki. He helped many people through Reiki. Dr. Usui created Usui Reiki system, and it is widespread around the world.

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