I have spent my life with the single aim of taking yoga and spreading its bounty of knowledge across the world. To me it’s more than just a practice.  It’s a way of life,a way to give back to the world what it has so graciously given me. Every day is a mission to keep walking in the path that great souls like Buddha, Sri Aurobindo, Shankaracharya and Patanjali have taught us to follow. It is my greatest pleasure to push the horizons of yoga by combining the heart of the east with the soul of the west with my this trip to europe, being fortunate enough to teach more than eighty programs over the years all over the world.

I spend the days from 5th April to 29th May, traversing through the mountains and rivers that Europe has to offer, all the while doing something which I love. The picturesque countryside and snow-capped mountains spoke of serenity and tranquil to my very soul. I was extremely hopeful of the results of my trip. It has always been my aim to help those who wish to enter into the world of yoga and lead them down the right path. My journey began as I stood watching the mountains that lined the horizon of Switzerland.

My trip to Europe:

The Beginning

Traveling through the beautiful snow topped mountains that decorated Switzerland is how I began my trip to Europe. Two eventful days were spent in Meilen, celebrating yoga and spreading the happiness and joy that yoga brings into the daily life of commoners. My host was the exceptionally talented manager and organizer Barbara. Under her guidance, the program went on without any hitches, and we had highly productive forty-eight hours. My stay was right at the banks on Meilen, the lake in Zurich. Switzerland borders Italy on one side with beautiful mountain ranges called the Ticino. I relaxed here for ten days, crossing over into the Alps and also heading over to Venice, Italy. It was my first experience in snow walking and officially marked the beginning of my trip to Europe.

With Yoga students in switzerland

With Yoga students in Switzerland


Meditation in europe

Meditating in the mountains

Enjoying the Snow Clad mountains

Breathing In Berlin

The second stop on my trip to Europe was Berlin. The main attraction in Berlin is the Berlin wall which is a symbol of the cold war that went on for years. Berlin also overflows with art and creativity. With the help of my marvelous host Stefania I hosted a sacred breathing class in Berlin. I visited the Berlin wall which is a concrete structure that divided Berlin between the years of 1961 and 1989.

The Magic Of Talinn

Much like in a fairy tale, Talinn a 13th-century medieval town was my next stop after Berlin. It was also the first time in my life that I experienced a snowfall in my life and it was magical. Janet was the host at Talinn who helped organize the two-day yoga philosophy workshop as a part of my trip to Europe.  We carried out the workshop seamlessly. The workshop mainly concentrated on how to generate happiness from inside our minds using yoga and meditation.



Lakes Of Lithuania

I conducted a seminar in Vilnius, Lithuania, concentrating on the introduction to yoga. My host on this leg of my trip to Europe, Sigute helped me with all the necessary needs for the workshop. Vilnius is a picturesque town interspersed with the most beautiful lakes that I had witnessed throughout my trip to Europe. The city also has a very rich history that tells a tale of habitation that goes back to the Middle Ages. The fascinating fact that enamored me about Vilnius is that Lithuanian is a language that was very much similar to Sanskrit. The two-day workshop was an ideal start for all the novices that attended it and helped in giving them direction on how to proceed with their yoga.

Balancing Chakras

My trip to Europe also took me to Rotterdam, which was my next stop after Vilnius. Here I taught the balancing of Chakras using different aspects of yoga. This two-day workshop was one of the most successful workshops on my trip to Europe, till now. I had fun interacting with the students and obtaining their valuable input with the help of my host Yogamaya. Listening to their stories of how yoga positively transformed their lives was one of the most fulfilling experiences that I have gone through on this trip to Europe.

Living In Fundao

From Rotterdam, my journey took me to Fundao, in Portugal. Here the beauty of the community lies in the fact that the rigid principles of sustainable development have built them. The entire community believed in being eco-friendly, and a vast majority of them were even vegan. Students found the four-day workshop on the league of superhuman discovery to be very helpful in giving valuable insights. Merkaba was my host as well as a key participant in the vegan community of the locality.

The Banks Of Rhein

It was my stop after spending four days in Portugal during my trip to Europe. This city is full to the brim with its vibrant soul and amazing people who rejuvenated my spirit by simply being there. There are some things about close-knit communities like the one I found in Rhein that makes teaching about opening your heart to yoga seem effortless. The city of Cologne gave me a feel of home and belonging unlike any other I had witnessed in my trip to Europe. The feeling got intensified by the gracious welcome extended by my host, Marie. The tourist hotspot here that I visited was the Cathedral of Cologne, showcasing the expertise of architecture of our ancestors.

Travel Plans To Italy

In my trip to Europe after my stop in Cologne, the next destination was of Sardinia in Italy. The journey begins from Barcelona Portugal. Here I spend a few days conducting a brief set of classes on the secret of inner joy as a part of my trip to Europe. The course covered all the basic foundations of yoga and a few practices that would let us harness the energy of the universe and sync with it. It is important to eradicate the negative energy in our minds and let the flow of the positive energy begin. With the help of my host Sonia I also conducted a chakra and philosophy workshop in Barcelona during my trip to Europe. All these programs covered how the mind and body can be connected using the medium of yoga. Yoga gives us control over our thought process that sharpens our focus and increases our productivity. The city in itself is spiced up by the art and music that one can find in every nook and cranny. It was an exquisite experience for all my bodily senses. Sonia, also made me feel most welcome and sparked in me a love for this lively city that I visited during my trip to Europe.

One of the most beautiful and luxurious villas await me at Sardinia, Italy, to conduct my seven-day retreat on the secret of inner joy. I spent these days helping people unlock their minds and realize how with their demotivating thoughts; they keep limiting themselves.

Students learn to let go of the burdens that pain them and concentrate on how their life can be full of happiness simply by focusing on it. By the sheer force of will, anyone can attain inner joy. Barbara, my wonderful host is the one who would be welcoming me to this island getaway.