In today’s modern lifestyle, millions of people are turning toward alternative methods of healing the body and keeping their health in check. Many people prefer opting for a natural remedy to treat a common cold, a headache and many other common health complaints instead of opting for a pharmaceutical drug that may come with unpleasant complications. Similarly, people are turning to acupuncture and other healing methods to help them overcome many health complaints. At the same time, there is a considerable amount of people who are starting to adopt yoga into their lifestyles to enjoy the many benefits that this ancient technique has to offer them.

Today, we want to focus particularly on men. While yoga is known to be more popular amongst women, as reported by Do You Yoga and many other publications, men can also achieve a powerful state of relaxation, combined with many other benefits that yoga has to offer them. Kegel exercises were also once more popular amongst women, but now you see mentions of Kegel exercises for men all over the internet. Seeing that there is a yoga pose for virtually any health complaint that a person could think of, it also comes to mind that yoga should not only be practice for the powerful health benefits amongst men, but also to obtain the many healing powers that yoga has in store for the male body. Let’s look at 10 of the top ways in which yoga can help a man live a healthier life.

1. Reduces Your Likeliness To Crave And Binge On Unhealthy Foods

One of the most problematic elements that lead to obesity, a health problem that affects as much as 33.7% of men in the United States, according to the Obesity Society, is the bad habit of binging of unhealthy foods when cravings start to drive you crazy during the day. Unfortunately, this is a weakness for millions of men. Apart from causing obesity, unhealthy food can also lead to a number of other health concerns. According to Mind Body Green, yoga has the potential to reduce cravings during the day; thus resulting in a lower consumption of unhealthy snacks.

2. Improves The Effectiveness Of Your Immune System

The immune system plays a crucial role in the human body that we simply cannot do without. This particular system helps to protect the body against invasions from pathogenic microorganisms, such as infections, viruses and more. An impaired immune system can lead to many complications that could even lead to life-threatening consequences. Luckily, yoga steps in and offers men the ability to improve their immunity with just a few poses a day. Yoga Journal explains that yoga helps to reduce stress that may be impairing the immune system’s functionality, as well as helps to rid the body of toxins through the stimulation of the lymphatic system. The immune-boosting effects are quite similar to what sexual intercourse might offer you, whether you’re going for tantric sex positions or simply plain old vanilla sex.

3. Reduces Anxiety And Stress Levels

While we are all living lives that are usually filled with a lot of stressful situations and scenarios, how we deal with our daily stressors and how the body copes with these stress play an important part in how they affect our wellbeing. Unfortunately, many people find that excessive amounts of stress cause them to experience both mental and physical symptoms as a consequence. Yoga, however, is able to bring about a calming mind and offer a man the ability to relax properly; thus helping to reduce the levels of stress present in his body. In addition to fighting stress, it has also been found that yoga is a powerful technique for providing a more natural approach to the treatment of anxiety disorders.


4. Promotes Better Sleep

Sleep deficiency has been declared a global public health concern and affects millions around the entire globe. Quality and adequate sleep should be a top priority amongst all men (and women). Not only does this ensure the person is sharp and able to pay attention the next day, but sleep is also important for maintaining an overall healthy body. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute also reports that sleep deficiency may lead to a higher chance of developing high blood pressure, kidney disease, heart disease and more. Through its ability to place the body and mind into a relaxed state-of-mind, as well as the fact that it helps to reduce levels of stress, yoga is often able to help a man sleep better and sleep for an adequate period of time. Combined with sex before bed, sleep can be enhanced significantly ‑ and for those men not able to truly satisfy their partner in bed to achieve the maximum level of benefits from sex, looking at a Virectin review can help you decide on this or another supplement to improve your performance.

5. Improves Your Digestive Function

Digestive health is important since the digestive system is responsible for removing vital nutrients out of food that we eat, and then to deliver these nutrients throughout the body. Unfortunately, stress, an unhealthy diet and many other areas of our daily lives can affect the efficiency of the digestive system. While fiber foods can be used to improve digestive function, it has been found that utilizing yoga can further assist by massaging the internal organs found in the digestive system.


6. Enhances Your Mental Health

While we have already discussed the fact that yoga is beneficial for those suffering from anxiety disorders and a stressful life, we should also mention that yoga is able to benefit overall mental health in other ways as well. Stress is known to have a considerable impact on mental health and performance; thus the reduction in stress certainly comes in helpful. One study published on the Illinois News Bureau found that a single yoga session every day offers a significant improvement in both concentration and working memory.


7. Offers A Significant Improvement In Productivity

Since we are already talking about the mental benefits that yoga has for men practicing this ancient technique, we should also mention that yoga is able to offer a considerable enhancement in a man’s productivity. High stress levels, depression, anxiety disorders, poor concentration and memory loss can all contribute to a low productivity level; thus by removing these negative factors from your life through the utilization of yoga, you are also able to experience improvements in your productivity, which may only be beneficial to your career.

8. Acts As A Full Body Workout

Physical activity is important for both health and longevity, yet millions fail in this particular area by either living a sedentary lifestyle or simply being too busy to spend an hour in the gym. Physical inactivity holds numerous health risks for the human body. LifeSpan reports that a sedentary lifestyle or too little exercise may contribute to the development of some cancers, as well as depression and anxiety. They also report that this type of lifestyle can cause obesity, a reduction in lean muscle mass, elevated blood pressure levels, high “bad” cholesterol levels, as well as lead to an increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Anmol Metha explains that yoga utilizes the body’s weight as resistance in order to provide a full body workout; thus allowing a person to get a decent workout in a short period of time.

9. Helps You Lose Weight

As we have mentioned before, obesity has been linked to many potentially life-threatening diseases that can dramatically shorten the lifespan of a person. For many people, getting started on a journey to losing weight and keeping it off can be a challenge. Yoga is often thought of to be a less intense method of exercise, but still offers an excellent way to train all important muscle groups, as well as to assist with burning excess calories. We also discussed how yoga helps to reduce appetite and control cravings. Ultimately, yoga poses as an effective method of losing weight, especially for those who are finding it difficult to walk into the gym and just jump right into the more intense workout sessions.

10. Fights Against Sexual Dysfunctions In Men

Lastly, we also want to emphasize the fact that yoga is very important for men who are suffering from sexual dysfunctions or a reduced performance in the bedroom. Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, a loss of libido and poor stamina are problems that affect millions of men. The pharmaceutical approaches to treating these common male sexual dysfunctions can be invasive and cause many side-effects. With yoga, however, a man is able to achieve a considerable improvement in his overall sex life without being exposed to any potential complications that these pharmaceutical treatments may cause. Even some men who is suffering from low testosterone may achieve an improvement in their hormonal balance and reduce the symptoms they are experiencing due to the low hormone count.


Yoga is an ancient technique that brings about a calm state-of-mind, combined with improved fitness, a relieve of stress and pain, as well as many other benefits to the human body. Men, in particular, are often able to improve certain areas of their daily performance, such as their abilities in the bedroom, by simply participating in a session of yoga once a day. In this post, we described how men can take advantage of yoga and how this ancient technique is able to bring their wellbeing to a higher level. Implementing yoga into your lifestyle is often easier than you think and many classes can be attended in your local area to help you get started.

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