Tai Chi means Supreme Ultimate Boxing and is also known as Taijiquan. It was created by a monk called Zhang San Feng who was a Taoist Monk. He built it in Purple Summit Temple on a mountain known as Wudang. He was inspired after witnessing a fight between a snake and a crane.

It is well known to many around the world as an exercise which was initially created as a fighting art. It falls under Qigong as it practiced with the use of energy and breathing skills. The standard styles would include:

Wudang, Hao, Chen, Yang, Li, Wu, Zhaobao among many others. During the practice, when one body part moves, the whole body moves as well

To start off with it, one must be willing to learn it. Someone with a heart has higher chances of developing the skills needed in a concise time

Anyone can be able to learn it, from the young to the youth and even the adults. The point is that you have the energy to do it

Somebody also requires a professional trainer; you could accompany this with reading or visual material, for example, the Tai Chi classics.

As a gift to the humans in the world there is a lot in store:

First of all, the culture and heritage of the Chinese people are maintained. There is nothing good like having a feeling that everyone in the community acknowledges your tradition which is helpful. Upholding the art means that every other day, the young people are taught by those who are experienced.

Another benefit is that one can do some exercise. As said earlier, it involves breathing and energy so as the air gets in and out of the body; metabolism takes place. The body of the person becomes fit, and it eventually gets to shape.

Tai Chi can be done as a hobby and minimum equipment or accessories are required,any loose, comfortable cloth and flat-soled Tai Chi shoes that are flexible and not too slippy in case you lose balance.By doing this, one can put his or her leisure time into good use and not be idle at the time.With time somebody develops more profound interest and do not be surprised if you seem to do it more often and enjoying it as well

Tai Chi as career

It forms the basis of getting income. Think of a qualified trainer in the modern days. People in most countries are willing to learn and put it into practice. As they join regular classes, their teachers would be given some notes and coins for their daily upkeep.

Entertainment is realized too. It is quite lovely to watch as trainees do their thing especially if you would be present when teaching is ongoing. Their wears are also eyed capturing as in most of the time one would see them dressed in white.

It is also featured in the media in the form of a movie or in the way of a lifestyle to keep up with. I am pretty sure that many love the technique that is displayed. In the long run, culture is viewed, income is earned, and viewers are much entertained.


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