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Tea Tree Oil

  • Do you know that tea tree oil is a natural medication for combating bacteria, virus, and fungus?
  • Are you familiar with the fact that this oil is an outstanding remedy for more than a few respiratory types of diseases?
  • Do you know that you can cure infections like influenza, verrucae (foot warts), shingles, cold sores and chicken pox with the anti-viral agents of the tea tree oil?
  • Are you acquainted with the point that quite a few skin care products together with soaps, creams, lotions as well as shampoos use tea tree oil as a constituent?
  • Do you know that the aromatherapy benefits of tea tree oil can help you in getting rid of pains, backaches, and relax your anxiety and strain?

Do these figures amaze you?

Well, if yes, then you might be interested to glance at the sights and uses of this marvelous oil. Aren’t you?

So, start reading and read it all the way to the end as you’ll discover the real trinket right at the completion.

tea tree oil

Origin of tea tree oil

  • MELALEUCA ALTERNIFOLIA or tea tree is a native plant of Australia. The needle-like-leaves of this shrub is identical to cypress that has crowns of pale sessile flowers.
  • Broadly used for aromatherapy, these leaves when crumpled let-off essential oils of variable volumes and elements.
  • You can, with no trouble, identify the oil, thanks to its yellow or green-tinged hue as well as a fresh camphoraceous aroma. In earlier times, the leaves of this tree had its use as a substitute for tea. That’s how the “tea tree oil” got its label.
  • Amongst the hundred constituents present in the tea tree oil, the terpinen-4-ol largely accounts for maximum antimicrobial properties.
  • It was just after the year 1920 that the uses of tea actions of the oil put out by Arthur Penfold gave rise to the regard.

Tea tree oil Leaves


Tea tree oil – Jack of all trades!

Now, let us have a glimpse of the benefits of this incredible oil that may transform your life.

  • Skin care

You can use the tea tree oil to cure oily skin, burns, acne, abscess, insect bites, blood blisters, athlete’s foot, spots, cold sores, rashes, bad skin, lesions, and warts. Other benefits take account of curing suntans, diaper rash, genital warts, toenail infections, blemishes, boils, and smelly feet.

  • Hair care

This oil can work wonders for your mane. The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of the oil could fight all types of scalp infections that may perhaps lead to hair loss. Just add little of droplets of the oil to your regular shampoo and keep problems like itchy-scalp, persistent dandruff, or head-lice at bay.

  • Prepare breath freshener

Excess of bacteria in your mouth can result in lingering horrible breath or halitosis. Tea tree oil can help kill off superabundant bacteria that lead to persistent bad breath, thanks to its antibacterial action. Just blend two droplets of this oil with a drib of peppermint oil in a mug of fresh water. And swish, rinse, and spittle it out!

  • Other uses of Tea Tree Oil
  • Bugs seem to hate this oil. Therefore, you can use it to put off ants, cockroaches, and other annoyances.
  • It is a brilliant medication to relax your sinuses.
  • Tea tree oil can act as a decontaminator for your skin as well as a muscle relaxer for painful yoga injuries and stinging muscles.
  • Swallowing it can be an effective treatment for yeast contagions.
  • You can clean your yoga mat during the yoga teacher training in Thailand with the tea tree oil solution.
  • Are you suffering from a sore throat? Add ten droplets of tea tree oil to a cup of warm water and gargle.