Yoga has seen a boom in the West in the recent years. The Yogi way is all about tuning out the noise that surrounds our everyday life and finding peace within ourselves. Yoga is a lifestyle that anyone can adopt. A significant amount of uncertainty and intimidation surrounds yoga. For the same reason, many people are reluctant to dip their feet in this ocean of possibilities.

The yogi way is so versatile that it varies from person to person. To some it clears their mind and gifts them with unparalleled focus, to others it may help reduce illness like depression and even asthma, it has also proven to improve self-worth and confidence in people, opening them up emotionally and improving their mental strength, even at a genetic level. All these are reasons why increasingly western doctors are prescribing yoga to their patients to aid in therapies.

Listed below are five points that explain everything about the yogi way.

The Poses Are A Part

To an outsider, yoga might seem entirely based on the poses and asanas. That is just one element of this vast form of art. The different elements of yoga are as follows:

  • Yama
  • Niyama
  • Asana
  • Pranayama
  • Pratyahara
  • Dharana
  • Dhyana
  • Samadhi

Yoga has a lot of depth, and only a person truly passionate about yoga will undertake the journey to discover its nuances.

It’s All About The Present

Practicing yoga and following the yogi way increases your capacity to connect with the present making all external thoughts and stresses fade away. The turbulence you may face as you the perfect balance, sometimes literally, is very real. Every yogi needs to find a way to have all these trial flow through and let it wash over them. The entire point of yoga is about preparing a person to face all the challenges that life may put in front of them. The yogi way is all about perseverance and pushing through.

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Feel the Yogi Way

Yoga, dance and everything that requires your mind and body to be in sync demands that you feel it making sure that you are in touch with your movements and more importantly your body. Remember that you are doing yoga for yourself. Instead of preening and doing poses for the benefit of the onlookers the true yogi way is all about turning inwards and finding solace in your movements. It brings out your beauty and strength.

It’s Life

Yoga is not just something that you will be doing as a hobby. It is something that needs to be a way of life. Every yogi will tell you that practicing yoga has had physical impacts in their life. It includes the way they tend to face problems and overcome challenges. You get the sort of clarity that everyone desires to have. Yoga is all about being on the same wavelength as nature. It lets you develop your intuition and instincts letting you gauge a situation in seconds.

Yoga helps calm anger and recklessness often imparting you with perception and a capacity to look at things from different point of views. In turn, it minimizes conflict and pain.

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Yoga is an excellent tool for self-evaluation. The things that happen on the mat are very similar to how it happens in real life. You will learn much about yourself and be forced to see how you react to challenges in real-time.

If yoga seems like the path for you, pack your bags and enroll yourself in a well-known 200 hour yoga teacher training class.

You will certainly learn that following the yogi way will bring happiness into your and your loved ones’ lives. After all in this world, what goes around comes around.


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