Yoga has a transformative power like no other art form. It not just transforms your lifestyle and body, but also your worldview and shows a positive impact on all your love relationships and conversations. These changes, however, are not overnight and thus it might be hard to pinpoint the exact time in which the changes happened. A surprising number of people have come forward and claimed the near magical benefits of yoga that has helped them become better and find inner meaning to their life.

What most people don’t realize is that yoga does not necessarily change who you are. What it does is help remove the obstacles and lets you see your true self. It also helps you develop into your potential and lead a fulfilling life. Yoga helps remove and shift habits, mainly the ones that may have been unhealthy in the first place. Learn about yourself through learning yoga!

Yoga And Love

Yoga lets you evaluate and make better decisions. Once you adopt yoga into your daily life, you become one with your emotions. That is the reason why yoga makes love such an intense experience. Yogis tend to make more efficient decisions in their life. To many, yoga is the doorway to realizing that the thing that they can do in this life is limitless. It frees you from negativity, opening you up to be a receptacle of positive energy flowing through the universe.


Let’s take a look at some of the power couples in the world of yoga.

Alec Horan and his girlfriend Steph Gardner have set a bar for relationship goals for both yogi and non-yogi couples. Their two-year relationship is heavily centered around on yoga, and the couple has fun practicing poses together, even taping some of their sessions for teaching. The couple takes the cake for best proposals incorporating yoga. They were doing an acrobatic yoga pose in the Hawaiian island of Oahu when Horan pulled out the ring box and proposed. The entire thing went on tape on the camera that Alec had set up beside them on the beach. Gardeners emotional acceptance touched hearts all over the world.


Meet Rodney Lee and Colleen Saidman Lee – Closing upon their fourteenth anniversary, they share how they met and how yoga helped fuel their relationship. Colleen walked into Rodney’s yoga class as a novice looking to learn something about yoga. Their instant connection was pushed back by the fact that both were in love relationships at the time. However, they soon realized that they could see the missing piece of their inner self in the other. Their sense of self had given them the confidence to take that leap of faith. Now fourteen years later, their passion remains young and fiery as always. Rodney still loves teaching Colleen. The couple travels the world together helping others learn about yoga. They found that working as a team makes them strong as individuals.

Yoga Love

Our third yoga dream team include Eric Paskel and Rina Jakubowicz presenting us with another stellar example of how the most unlikely people turn out to be the perfect match. Even though they both follow different approaches in their yoga practice, they work together seamlessly. Four years and counting, their love relationship took root when they bumped into each other during the yoga journal conference in Hollywood. Yoga helped them overlook the differences and mesh at a spiritual level. After all, the heart wants what the heart wants.

Yoga Love

Now the next thing all the couples would need is Newborn Baby Care Tips and enjoy their nights spending with a third person in their life 😛

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