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YOGA THERAPY– a mild set of self-improvement workouts that may enrich your body, mind, and soul. Born in INDIA, discovered by an Indian known as Patanjali, yoga is for one and all — regardless of your belief, sex, income, nationality, dialect, age or learning level. Dealing with working out, breathing, firming up, meditating, relaxing and renovating, it focuses on your entire existence.

According to American Yoga Association (AYA), “the classical techniques of Yoga date back more than 5,000 years. In ancient times, the desire for greater personal freedom, health and long life, and heightened self-understanding gave birth to this system of physical and mental exercise which has since spread throughout the world.”

The accord of body, mind, and life-force, Yoga aims to reinforce your body, upturn your focus, stretch your muscles, unwind, and prominently, lets you experience greater realization. It is so effective that a lot of celebs and sportspersons today do it for the enhancement of their physiques and establish a connection with the soul. In fact, at present, a number of medical pros in the west are acclaiming yoga to help their patients feel better. Why do you think is this enlarged acceptance of yoga therapy in the medical arena? Yes, the noteworthy reason for this is the helpful effects of yoga and meditation.

Yoga is turning out to be a standard treatment therapy in the West!

Yes! Quite a few doctors in the West are articulating their gratitude of the rehabilitative welfare of yoga practice — a bit that our INDIAN YOGIS have recognized for hundreds of years! The researches and studies conducted on yoga therapy and its healing effects have amplified exponentially in the current decade. Here are some relevant studies that prove that this natural cure assists patients in dealing with an extensive range of illnesses and disorders.


⦁ A research conducted by Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice states that practicing yoga may help you decrease hypertension and anxiety for the period of pregnancy. The research furthermore states that yoga helps you to improve the balance and stability of your heart. In addition, it releases you of post-partum depression.

⦁ Director of Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami, Dr. Tiffani Field furthermore provides an interesting outline of the influence of yoga on depression, pregnancy, anxiety, cardiac, autoimmune and immune system of the body.

⦁ Co-author of the Harvard Medical School Guide e-book Your Brain on Yoga and an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School, Sat Bir Singh Khalsa says, “The size, quantity, and quality of clinical trials for yoga therapy are increasing exponentially, and it’s mostly happened over the past five years.”

⦁ The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Health Interview Survey, conducted in the year 2002 revealed that just 5% of the US inhabitants keenly practiced yoga therapy. However, in the year 2012, the figure almost doubled up, attaining a number of 9.5 percent.
Do these facts catch your curiosity? Haven’t given yoga therapy a try yet? No worries! The encouraging effects underlined below may help you make up your mind.


Now, let us have a quick look at the countless benefits of yoga therapy.

Yoga Therapy

⦁ Pain Relief
Strong evidence proves that yoga therapy can be a perfect cure for relieving your body from chronic and lingering pain. A team of German scientists’ revealed that yoga relieved their patients from pain by bringing down the score to nearly 50 percent.


⦁ Reduces Stress
Yoga, meditation, and appropriate breathing may help you reduce the levels of stress by clearing your mind and soothing your body. This leads to a healthier mind and improved blood pressure. By offering you a break from the world, it helps you eliminate negative feelings.


⦁ Better Sleep
Yoga therapy and meditation may help you clear your mind and attain a healthier nap without bogging you down with the qualms and concerns. Thus and so, you’ll sleep well by managing all your anxieties of the day.


⦁ Ultimate Cure for Cancer
The latest research in Psycho-Oncology conducted in February 2009, revealed that 10 weeks of Restorative yoga enriched the spiritual view of ladies with breast cancer. The research was conducted on 44 ladies who were suffering or recovering from breast cancer. Out of this, 22 females participated in Restorative yoga sessions while the other 22 did not. After 10 weeks, the women practicing yoga reported a growth in their sensation of happiness. All the same, they experienced a drop in the feelings of depression as well.
While all its physical doles are splendid, this will help you boost your self-confidence, peace of mind, better perception while making you spiritually focused.


It’s hard to describe Yoga therapy in a matter of few sentences.


Yoga therapy is simply priceless in what it undertakes. It’s not a religious conviction. Having no “us versus them” faith, mystery, belief, image or figure to devotion, it can be embarked on by all and sundry. Every single workout you do, each move you make, targets quite a few muscles, glands and nerve endings in your body. With its emphasis on breathing, body development, and stretching, it does no wonder how yoga can relieve your agony. Each one of you can benefit from yoga. And the best part is that it doesn’t follow the philosophy of “No pain, no gain”. Yes, you don’t have to toil hard to achieve success in yoga. In fact, if you’ve ever undertaken any Yoga Training, then you might be aware that a yoga coach daunts hurting moves. Beyond doubt, this doesn’t mean that this may substitute a medic’s appointment. It’s yet essential that you approach a doctor to have your discomfort observed and ask if you can go for it.