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Isn’t it amazing that so many people every year travel miles after miles to understand and explore ancient wisdom of Yoga. Everybody have their reasons to do the Yoga Teacher Training course,few do it deepen their Practice, few do it to kill-their-time(yeah some really do!), few to relax  in an Indian ashram but most of them do it to become teachers.However, isn’t it questionable that out of so many students participating in the Yoga TTC and only a handful become a successful teacher?

In this Blog, we dissect the reasons why people fail becoming a successful Yoga Teacher and Yoga entrepreneur.

Grounding: Almost everybody gets excited on the day-1 of the course and decide to share Yoga with others. Nevertheless, the excitement just lasts a few weeks and then the balloon inflates. So before you take the course and as well as during the course catch up a niche. For example: Dive deeper in Asanas if you really feel that the Asanas is the thing you are made to share, choose philosophy if you have ever felt that the Sutras of Patanjali has blast your psyche wide open, so pick a particular “calling”  before going ahead with the idea of Teaching Yoga

Self-Practice: As you are learning to teach in the Training Course remain firmly aware of the fact that it is not “imitate-the-Teacher-course.” Often it has been noticed that students get easily carried away by the charm of the lead teacher and start imitating the Teacher. But the only antidote to this is to integrate the information you are learning and self-practice them during the Training period.

Truth Triumphs: The basic rule of being a Yoga Teacher is to “be real.” Whether you have 200-hours or 500-hours or 5 billion hours certification it doesn’t matter, the essential thing that will help you to survive is your own Yoga practice. No, I don’t mean doing crazy distortions to your body by “Yoga Practice.” I mean the Yog Sutras and the principles you learned while you did your Yoga Training. In the long run only truth triumphs and believe me the students are as intelligent as you are with a minute difference that they haven’t started and traveled around doing Yoga.

I don’t know: Say “I don’t know” in every case when you are having a slightest of doubt about what you are teaching. If you are not courageous enough to say “I don’t know” stop teaching Yoga, find some better job. Believe me accepting that you lack something and you don’t know will improve the students’ confidence & trust in you. Don’t try to out-wow your students and unnecessarily impress them with your few exhaustible skills, make a long-term investment and learn to say “I Don’t Know” while you are sharing Yoga.

The worst thing about Yoga teacher training is that there is an implication that you are ready to teach at the end of the training. But, there is NO end. Be a student first and then move ahead to become a teacher.