OSHO defy categorisation. A modern day mystic who has stricken the world with his revolutionary Active Meditation Techniques to transform the Human Consciousness. Infamous for his talks given on the “taboo” topic sex, From Sex to Superconsciousness. This talks had swollen the eardrums of the Priests and the Politicians worldwide and highlighted the OSHO as an infamous Mystic in the world.

We use OSHO Active Meditation in our Yoga Training at Sammasati Retreat. It helps students to unburden the repressed emotions and feel the life energy alive once again.

Here goes the list of 10 OSHO quotes to help you in your day-to-day war!

Death is simply the culmination point, the crescendo of your life. It is not against life. It does not destroy life.That’s why I said death does not exist as conceived. It really gives the body another chance to grow. And if you have grown fully then there is no need for another chance; then your being moves into the ultimate being. You are no more a separate small dewdrop, but the whole ocean of existence.

osho quote death


When people talk, they want to convert you to their opinion: it is trying to spread a subtle empire. When people talk they want to indoctrinate you — because everybody who has a doctrine is deep down afraid about whether it is true or not. The only way that he can feel that it is true is if he can indoctrinate many people and can see in their eyes conviction, conversion. Then he feels at ease, because the arithmetic is: “If so many people are finding so much solace in what I am saying to them, then there must be something true in it.”

OSHO on belief


Live courageously, don’t be cowards. Don’t think of consequences; only cowards think of consequences. Don’t be too result-oriented; people who are result-oriented miss life. Don’t think of goals, because goals are always in the future and far away, and life is herenow, close by.

And don’t be too purposive. Let me repeat it: don’t be too purposive. Don’t always bring in the idea, “What is the purpose of it?” because that is a strategy created by your enemies, by the enemies of humanity, to poison your very source of life.

OSHO on Courage


It is only a question of understanding; a simple insight is needed not to be dragged down by the forces of darkness, negativity, destructiveness. Just a little alertness is needed to devote oneself to creativity, to love, to sensitivity, and to make this small life just a series of songs… that you dance in your life and that your death will be your crescendo of dance; that you live totally and you die totally with no complaint, with gratitude, with thankfulness to existence.

OSHO on life





When I say be cheerful, be happy, rejoice in the fact that you are not in the position of being miserable and suffering, I have a certain purpose behind it. The purpose is that you have to become an example to those people who have completely forgotten that life can also be a rejoicing. In spite of all the darkness you can still be unburdened of the darkness, you can still dance. Darkness cannot prevent your dance; it has no preventive force. To me this is real service.

OSHO on Joy


Love is beautiful when it flowers in freedom; when it flowers in a hothouse, closed from everywhere, it is simply a phony thing. It is not true and it cannot satisfy you. To be real the flower needs the storm, the lightning, the thundering, the clouds, the sun, the wind — it needs all these challenges to be real. When you protect it too much, in that very protection it loses all reality, it becomes pale, it becomes anaemic; it is already dead before its death.

OSHO on Fealousy


All identification is mental sickness.In fact, mind is your sickness.And to put the mind aside and just to look silently — without any thought, without any prejudice — into reality is a healthy way of being acquainted with reality. And you will find a totally different reality.

OSHO on transformation


If the energy within is awakened, you will die as you are right now and a totally new individual will be born — an individual that you never were before awakening. And it is this fear that prevents people from becoming religious. It is the same fear which, if it grips a seed, prevents it from becoming a tree.

OSHO on Celebration


To be homeless is to be free. It is freedom. It means there is no attachment, no obsession with anything outside; that you are not in need of getting some warmth from the outside, but that your warmth is within you. You have the source of warmth inside; you don’t need more

OSHO on insecurity


There are people who become angry — these are the people who create revolutions, changes in the society, in the state. But all their revolutions have failed, because anything coming out of anger is coming out of ignorance. It is not going to create an authentic change.

OSHO on anger